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"Size 0" Launch

JessieChantelle Chocolatier was recently revamped in a strategic alliance with LAVAND, a proven upmarket chocolate producer and LEJADI Group Associates (who have taken a substantial equity stake in the company) whilst Chantelle remains as the Company's Managing Director and single-largest shareholder.


Patrons will be pleased to know that JessieChantelle Chocolatier in January 2011 "re-launched" its range of upmarket, Celebrity Series of individually wrapped, premium chocolates which are now produced using an exclusive Swiss Formula sourced from a family-owned, Chocolate Boutique in Switzerland and is manufactured under extremely stringent, quality control measures thus emplacing it amongst the finest chocolates available in this part of the World.


By representing Malaysia at the recently concluded, Miss International (World) Contest 2010 held in China, Chantelle had the opportunity to befriend many Celebrities (especially Miss U.K., Miss Philippines, Miss Singapore, Miss USA and Miss Poland).


It is most inspiring to note that Miss Katharine Brown i.e. Miss UK World & International 2010 was in Kuala Lumpur to formally launch of JessieChantelle Chocolatier's NEW RANGE of "Size 0" Celebrity Series of Premium Chocolates which is targeted at Health-conscious choc lovers!


Jessie-Chantelle's Celebrity range of "Size 0" chocolate Bars are specially made for Health conscious consumers who are CHOCOHOLICS but are extremely focused on their diet hence these choc bars have NO Sugar added and even specify the Calories in each bar whilst spelling out Fun-Ways to burn off the calorie intake!