Mission and Vision

Founded in early 2009, JessieChantelle Chocolatier's passion and mission is to provide chocolate lovers with individually wrapped premium chocolates in uniquely hand-crafted packaging. Chocoholics need worry no more about excessive sugar intake whilst enjoying the taste of world-class Premium Chocolates by JessieChantelle.


JessieChantelle Chocolatier’s brand mission is to creatively customize its range of premium chocolates for the highly valued corporate client whilst we also cater for weddings, festivals and special events. Our painstakingly hand crafted chocolate gift packs are customized to perfection as we aim to exceed our customers’ expectations each and every time by providing top-notch service customization to exclusively address every single customer’s need and design specifications. JessieChantelle Chocolatier is also focussed on producing healthy chocolates for health freaks, beauty conscious celebrities and sports personalities. It is our mission to provide chocoholics with a totally healthy chocolate formula thus eliminating all concerns about weight gain and blood sugar levels. JessieChantelle Chocolatier firmly believes that its fundamental strength lies in servicing and providing healthy, premium chocolates to our discerning customers.


We are also strongly committed towards Corporate Social Responsibility as a caring, premium chocolatier and have pledged to perpetually contribute 5% of all Event Sales Proceeds & percentage of Annual Net Profit donated to Lejadi Foundation which focuses on supporting patients in need of urgent surgical procedures. We also support other charitable NGOs such as shelter homes and medically inclined foundations. JessieChantelle Chocolatier supports the weaker and less fortunate members of the community and has a burning ambition to bring a smile and happiness into peoples' lives.